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We're excited about... Hypebeast Magazine

Hypebeast Magazine

Why are indie mags still booming?

The modern indepent magazine is going from strength to strength, yet we’re always being asked how print magazines have managed to survive in this digital age. They've more than survived, they’ve prospered because print and digital go hand in hand. It’s a fantastic partnership. You can’t browse our magazines away from the store without the internet. We couldn’t tempt or bait you to do so without social media. But what successful print magazines understand is that we all crave tactility, or simple touch, and of course smell. Plus, magazines are episodic, agile things that can respond to what’s happening, roll with it and report with verified information. They can put you right at the hub of things. But really, given the production quality of many current titles, you’ll just want to luxuriate in their serene, analog beauty.

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Five Recommended Travel Magazines

Five Recommended Travel Magazines

We think travel and adventure magazines have hit peak quality, so it’s frustrating that we’re unable to stock as many as we used to. Why is that?
BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! is coming to BATH!

BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! is coming to BATH!

Independent magazines
Ghislain Pascal, Editor and Curator of BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! is touring the UK to promote the publication of the BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! book and magazin...
Musing on moving

Musing on moving

The Magalleria physical store shifted house in September 2021. Moving a magazine inventory of this scale was something few businesses will have attempted because there are hardly any large magazine stores like ours on earth.

Find us in Bath


5 Upper Borough Walls, Bath BA1 1RG, UK

Monday to Saturday: 10am to 5.30pm

Sunday: Closed until early summer

We’d love to see you in our store in the beautiful Georgian city of Bath. Magalleria is located in the very heart of the central city. Look for our sign with the large ‘M’.

What people say about our store:

'A little gem’ The Independent 

'Brilliant' The Guardian

‘Beautifully styled, an array of gorgeous high end and niche magazines’ Daily Telegraph

'Magalleria is further testament to the enduring allure of print. This magazine nirvana has an extraordinary selection of international and leftfield editions, current and back issues, grouped in subjects from fashion and beauty to maps and guides' Condé Nast Traveller

'The most wonderful magazine store in the world' John Taylor, Duran Duran

'The first store for independent magazines' Grazia (Fr)

'An informed vision of the print industry' Lampoon Magazine

'A bastion of print media' The Modern House

‘Ultra cool’ Bath Life

‘An entire shop dedicated to magazines and all the better for it… Magalleria is the result of identifying your passion and jumping headfirst into it. The spread of magazines on offer here is dizzying.’ In Your Pocket Essential City Guides

‘A space brimming with colourful, cutting-edge and quirky designs… Magalleria is unlike most other specialist shops. With an impressive selection of back issues, collectors are invited to come and savour both past and current stories – home library upgrade pending…’ Suitcase Magazine

'Absolutely wonderful... stockists extraordinaire' Lodestars Anthology

'Magalleria can show you the way to great reading material and the antithesis of clickbait... like a sweet shop for anyone who’s partial to a magazine hoard, or even just an artfully arranged selection of coffee table reads, covering topics like art, fashion, gardening, travel and wellbeing, and selling back issues as well as the latest editions' The Maverick Guide

'The specialist print emporium where you can discover obscure magazines from around the world’ Vogue UK, The Most Stylish Places in Bath

'A dream place' Guest Hotels UK

'A brilliant little emporium selling fine, independent and specialist magazines... This exceptionally cool shop is a treasure trove of the obscure, beautiful and hard-to-get-hold-of' Travel Life

'They stock over 1,500 magazine titles across the globe in the physical store and about 750 titles on the online store. As well as current issues, they also sell an impressive collection of back issues.' Tori West, BRICKS Magazine

'Can a store of magazines make your heart soar?... This store is incredible' If Lost Start Here

‘A fantastic magazine shop’ Alyson Walsh, That’s Not My Age

'Probably the best magazine shop I’ve been in and easily the most well stocked. I’ve never seen so many magazines and I’m sure if you were looking for something obscure, odds are they would have it' Polly Florence

‘A store owned by someone who really knows what they’re talking about... With endless favourite titles and plenty of refreshing new ones, it’s easy to pick up a debut discovery here and I can guarantee you’ll get lost in the stacks and emerge with some treasure.’ What Olivia Did

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