Pan and the Dream

Pan and the Dream

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Pan & The Dream offers a sumptuous and daring exploration of how artists represent the human form, or more specifically, the nude.

It’s a given that individual artists will portray our bodies differently. The backdrop to this series is the question of nudity in art and, according to the publishers of Pan & the Dream, ‘its suppression in the mediatized world’. As notions of nakedness are all too often wedded to sex or sexuality, the spectre of censorship of never far away.

This imposing 370mm x 280mm, 200-page, numbered 1000-only celebration of the nude is bought to you by the prestigious Paul Belford agency, which goes some way to explaining the design finesse, the editorial quality and the calibre of those involved, both established and emerging (all 60 of them).

With a foreword by Nick Knight.