WM Brown

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WM Brown is the print extension of the William Brown Project, initially the blog underpinning the 'lifestyle experiment' of former ace photographer Matt Hranek. It's such a skillful mix of photography, fashion, interviews, recipes and travel writing that only a few issues in, WM Brown is up there with The Rake in this very competitive sector. Fulsome praise from Ralph Lauren can't have hurt, either.

The name is taken from William Brown Lane in in Upstate New York where Hranek bought the plot of land that kickstarted the idea. For all the magazine's sartorial and literary sophistication, it is this idea of a simpler life that defines the target reader for WM Brown, 'the guy who loves well-crafted and well-tailored things, simple food, a good story, an off-the-beaten path trip, a good hunt, a trout stream, European sports cars, pickup trucks, a well-made cocktail, or an unapologetic can of cheap lager beer.'

This is a hard one to pick up in these parts, so pick it up while stocks last.