Analog Sea Review

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The Analog Sea Review is a small (18cm x 11.5cm) literary journal published between offices in Texas in the US and Freiburg, Germany. 

Around these poles the journal aims to represent a community of writers and artists 'wishing to maintain contemplative life in the digital age.' Yes, this is a true print enterprise located firmly in offline culture – we had to write a letter to the publisher to secure our own copies. And we're glad we did, because this pocket collection of poetry, essays, stories, illustration and photography is indeed a tonic for anyone seeking shelter from the daily media battering that is institutional to 21st century life.

It is now the publisher's wish that The Analog Sea Review should not be sold online, in order to maintain its authenticity as an offline manifesto. We're very happy to respect this. It means that you can still order the Review from us, but just not from this online store. Write us a letter, telephone us (+44 1225 486715) or easiest of all just email us at with your requirement and we'll fulfil your order.

When next available you'll receive a free copy of their printed newsletter, The Analog Sea Bulletin.