Meet Lucy

We’re always being asked who our customers are. We’re still trying to work that out, but from day one we realised that the people who buy from us are usually well informed, often opinionated and, it goes without saying, very tasteful. So we just have to quiz them. Today we're meeting Lucy...

Hello Lucy! What do you do? I am an artist, and I specialise in depicting nature.

Where do you come from? Born in Bath, but my father is from the south of France and my mother is from the north of England. So not really Bath through and through...

How did you come across Magalleria? I walk past you guys when I go to yoga at Yoga Bodhi. 

What was the first magazine you bought from Magalleria? Probably an issue of The Plant

What are you buying today and why? I bought RakesProgress issue 4 as it’s nature based; I think they are definitely one to watch. And a magazine/book on Cornwall, Weekend Journals as I am off there at the end of the month. 

What’s your favourite thing about Magalleria? It’s a source of inspiration for me. I can come in looking for something to give me some design influence, a new way of thinking or just something mindless and happy. It’s all there, and you always point me in the direction even when I come in asking for something quite obscure. 

How often do you come into the store? My visits are sporadic. I always seem to come in when I have fifteen minutes to spare, as this limits me from not walking out with about twenty magazines.

Facebook or Instagram? I use Instagram for my business; it’s visual and mainly positive. Facebook I came off about 10 years ago; it just felt weird going home and looking at your friends online.

Favourite shopdog: Enzo or Alfie? Both. I adore dogs and wouldn't be able to choose. Even though I forget they are there in the shop till they move a bit and give me a heart attack.  

Photography or content? I like to have both in a magazine. However, even though I am a visual person, I sway more towards content these days. Nourished Journal and The Happy Readerare my favourites and I buy both of them purely based on the content. It is a bonus that their design and photography are top notch, too.

Interview by Libby Borton