Meet Amy

We’re always being asked who our customers are. We’re still trying to work that out, but from day one we realised that the people who buy from us are usually well informed, often opinionated and, it goes without saying, very tasteful. Today we're meeting Amy...

Hello Amy! How are you? I’m very well, thank you! 

What do you do? I am a freelance illustrator and maker. 

Where do you come from? Originally I come from a tiny village in Oxfordshire called Buckland, but I live in Bath now.

How did you come across Magalleria? I think I found you guys while I was in my last year of university. I can’t remember if I was told about you or if I stumbled upon the shop one day, but as a design and illustration student with an unhealthy obsession for collecting beautiful publications, once I knew it was here, I was hooked. I think I even followed you guys on Instagram straight away because I wanted to know everything that was happening! 

What was the first magazine you bought from Magalleria? Erm, well, it wasn’t one! I think one of the first publications I bought here was Cereal and I think Little White Lies

What are you buying today and why? So today I am buying the new Sabat Crone Issue and the reprint of the Maiden Issue. Because my work covers a range of things esoteric, macabre and a little bit occult, it’s a bit of a fascination of mine. So the moment I caught wind of Sabat on Instagram I was determined to get my hands on it. It just so happened that when I came in one time I found that you guys were stocking it and was excited beyond belief. It’s such a beautiful publication. I think what draws me to it is obviously its occult nature but also the amazing choice of paper stocks and photography and illustrations, it is just a beautiful object in itself. 

What’s your favourite thing about Magalleria? That every time I come in I find a new publication that I love just as much as my old favourites. There is always something new and interesting to find on the shelves! 

How often do you come into the store? When money permits! I can’t be trusted otherwise! 

Facebook or Instagram? Instagram. I really dislike Facebook! 

Favourite shopdog: Enzo or Alfie? Enzo! Sorry Alfie, but I have a complete love of whippets so Enzo has to win! 

Photography or content? Both. I think the content of a publication has to be good enough that you actually enjoy reading it, but the visuals have to be beautiful too.

Interview by Libby Borton